WG: 1st CfP: Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games @ the 12th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, 12th to 15th August 2018, Shanghai

1st CfP: Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games @ the 12th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, 12th to 15th August 2018, Shanghai

from August 12th to 15th 2018, Shanghai, China

Hosted by Shanghai University, Crossroads 2018 will bring scholars together in the beautiful summertime to engage with the past, present and future of cultural studies scholarship.

Submission Deadline: 15November 2017

Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games

Proposals are invited for PRESENTATIONS at the 12th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference in Shanghai: http://www.cul-studies.com/ACScrossroads2018/ACScrossroads2018/index.htm

Session: Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games

The organizer seeks proposals covering all aspects of gaming, gaming culture and game studies. Proposals can address analog and digital games and all theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The relationship between Cultural Studies and (analog, hybrid and digital) games
  • Identity construction, representation of race, class, gender and sexuality in games
  • Gaming culture, game cultures and game communities
  • The role and future of Live Action Games (e.g. Live Action Role Playing Games or Escape Rooms)
  • The connection between Toys, Games & Gambling
  • Ideology in game design or production
  • Ethics in game design
  • Game advertising and marketing
  • Regulation, youth protection, censorship and intellectual property
  • Game analysis
  • Research methods
  • Appropriation processes
  • Serious games/persuasive games/games for change


– Please send an abstract of 100 – 150 words or note of interest to Markus Wiemkermarkus@wiemker.org till 15th November 2017 –

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